VTLFF joins with VEEP, Tarrant Institute, and Equity and Sustainability Teachers to offer Micro-Badging in Climate Leadership

VTLFF recently joined a collaboration between the Vermont Energy Education Program, Harwood Union High School teacher and Youth Lobby advisor, Matt Henchen, Montpelier High School teacher and Sustainability Coordinator, Tom Sabo, and the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education to host and create a Micro-badging process for the first annual Youth Climate Leadership Academy. VTLFF participated in planning meetings, ran a workshop at the summit, and will be working with the team in 2018 to refine and roll out the micro-badging process. Aside from developing future climate leaders, one hope from this collaborative effort is to model effective partnerships between social profit ELO organizations, students and schools to offer credit-bearing learning opportunities in applied learning environments. The summit was a huge success, and the badging design process is underway alongside a host of transformative student-led climate leadership projects!