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Upcoming Events

August 13: Vermont Learning for the Future Summer Summit - Learn, Connect, Act: Transforming Education for Equity, Sustainability and Joy. The VTLFF Network Summit is part PLC, part innovation studio, part project launchpad. Participants include students, teachers, curriculum coordinators, specialists, administrators, community partners, non-profit and government, pre-k through higher education. We invite open, courageous participation, elevate marginalized perspectives, and value every voice. The summit will be hosted at Shelburne Farms, from 9:00-3:00, includes food and beverages, and is free.


Shelburne Farms Education for Sustainability - 2-day, 5-day and year-long professional development opportunities with internationally renowned programming, facilities and staff. Graduate credit and scholarships available.

Middle Grades Summer Institute: Advancing Equity in the Middle Grades - June 24-28. Graduate credit and scholarships available.

Vermont Principals Association Leadership Academy: Leading for Equity - July 30-August 1. Multiple strands for school leaders at all levels; special guest and keynote by Ruha Benjamin, along with many others. Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa, Stowe, Vermont.

Proficiency-Based Learning: A Framework for Clarity and Equity - August 5-9. Led by Mike Martin and hosted by the Champlain Valley Education Development Center, this course will provide structures and strategies that help clarify next steps for teachers and school leaders who are engaged in this work and are responsible for communicating this change to students, families and the wider community. The operating assumption is that proficiency-based learning will improve equitable student outcomes through greater precision, transparency, and relevance thanks to intentionally structured learning activities and assessment.

Abenaki Culture in the Classroom - presented by the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. Through lectures and experiential learning, Vermont Abenaki Artists Association scholars, historians and culture bearers provide teachers with a deeper understanding of how indigenous culture continues into the 21st century and how to support Abenaki and Native students while presenting American history. August 8-10. Graduate credit available through Castleton University.

Arts for Equity Educator Institute - Monday-Friday, August 12-16. The Clemmons Family Farm, Vermont Abenaki Artists Association, and the Flynn Center are pleased to announce the 2019 Arts for Equity Educator Institute. The institute is one of a number of initiatives that will be implemented through Arts for Equity and Social Justice: A Transformative Collaboration - a new, multi-year project co-led by the three organizations. The institute invites teams of educators from schools, districts, and/or regions to engage with nationally recognized leaders, including Harvard’s Aysha Upchurch, artist-in-residence Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR), and Vermont’s artists and cultural bearers of the African diaspora and Abenaki communities in an exploration of culturally inclusive curricula. Highlights of the agenda include live performances by special guest artists, place-based inquiry and learning, and culturally responsive curriculum design sessions guided by national experts and local artists. apply here. Clemmons Family Farm, Charlotte, VT.

Discovering Community Summer Institute - August 12-15. presented by The Vermont Folklife Center. Educators from across the state will gather for a four-day intensive at The Fairbanks Museum. The course provides an introduction to collaborative ethnography and digital storytelling for the classroom, offering hands-on experience for methods of community-based research and documentary media making. Three graduate credits available through Castleton University.

VEEP Ambitious Instruction for Energy & Climate Action - August 12-18. A week-long immersion into hands-on investigations, best instructional practices, and student-driven action for K-12 educators. Graduate credit and scholarships available.

PhD in Educational Leadership, Social justice & Equity - A low-residency program offered by Southern New Hampshire University. Participants meet in person one Saturday per month and a week in the summers (Summer 2019 at Loon Mountain, August 5-9) and degree completion can be done in three to five years.  There is no regional cohort requirement for this program - participants who wish to consider equity work deeply through doctoral study are welcome to apply for acceptance as individuals. Application deadline is July 1. Contact Kelsea Moulton, Program Coordinator ( or call the Vermont Campus office at 802-489-5080.  

Courageous Conversations: Beyond Diversity with Luis Versalles, Pacific Educational Group - A two-day seminar hosted by the Champlain Valley Education Development Center that helps teachers, students, and administrators understand the impact of race on our lives, our work and our learning. Interactive and stirring exercises strength participants’ critical consciousness of race and leads them to investigate the role that racism plays in institutionalizing achievement disparities. Most importantly, it models and teaches a protocol for discussing race in ways that are productive insightful, and generative. September 24-25, at the Hampton Inn in Colchester

For more opportunities, here is a link to a Vermont Professional Learning Collaborative Calendar, hosted by the VPA


Vermont Youth Council - Vermont Afterschool is convening a statewide youth council that will ultimately distribute over $15,000 in grant money to fund projects developed by youth for youth.

Youth Lobby - A youth-led, statewide coalition of students working to address issues of climate change, youth voting rights and representation through “action civics.”

UVM Extension and 4H: Access a huge number of summer and school-year programs, including TRY for the Environment, Science Cafe, and the annual Youth Climate Summit (November 1, 2019).

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Future of Learning Design Studios

VTLFF is offering a series of design workshops focused on place-based learning that integrates personalized learning plans, flexible pathways and proficiency based graduation requirements.

Design Studio II: Civics and Engagement - Vermont Historical Society, Montpelier, February, 2019

Design Studio III&IV: Science, Society and Sustainability - Shelburne Farms; Ethnography, Equity, and Restorative Practice - Vermont Folklife Center

LEARN MORE - Design Studios Slideshow

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VTLFF Action Plan - Click through to access page 2

VTLFF Action Plan - Click through to access page 2