Complexity by Design

Emergence. Collective Impact. Networks. systems.

VTLFF can be difficult to explain. 

DEEP DIVE: VTLFF Profile, published in Green Schools Catalyst Quarterly

DEEP DIVE: VTLFF Profile, published in Green Schools Catalyst Quarterly

emergent design

The VTLFF network is a diverse emergent organization, part of a complex adaptive system (CAS). We continually seek and work to strengthen relationships that deepen and diversify our thinking. Our work emerges from our network and our environment: what we can do now, with the people we have, that moves us towards our goal.

We are partners in accelerating change, connected by a vision of education for a more just, joyful and sustainable world.


Collective Impact

We nurture systems-level change through Collective Impact (CI) practices, non-hierarchical leadership and collaborative partnership. Although the VTLFF network is not wedded to a particular CI framework, it is useful reference for understanding the underpinnings of a complex adaptive network. 


The Common Circle

The Common Circle is a volunteer council of representatives from each of the five lever groups charged with both acting as liaisons between the lever group and the network hub and serving as the primary decision-making body of the Network. Common Circle representatives are chosen by their lever group during the winter and summer Network Summits. 


The Network Coordinator

The Network Coordinator is the sole employee of the VTLFF, charged with creating the conditions for the Network to thrive. This is a complex, emergent role guided by the Common Circle and the network as a whole, supported by visionary, non-traditional grants and funders.