The systems mapping process yielded five critical levers for transforming education in Vermont. Over the past year, Action Groups have worked to make progress in these areas:

Youth Adult Partnership

Lever goal: Authentic youth-adult partnerships will become essential and universal to the Vermont learning network, with a foundation in shared power and mutual respect, informed by a continual documentation of evidence.

Project goal: Create a profile of youth-adult partnership practices in all high schools in Vermont leading to a rich compendium of best practices.

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Youth With Access to their Learning Potential

Lever goal: No less than 75% of every demographic subgroup of VT students (7-12) will indicate that they’ve experienced meaningful community-engaged learning in the past year that is captured in their PLP and informs their post-secondary plans.

Project goal: Present six community-based models that demonstrate ways to bridge in-school learning experiences with meaningful community learning experiences.

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Youth Access lever map.jpeg

Design Ecosystem

Lever goal: The learning ecosystem will have the capacity for all learners to engage in personalized learning, self-reflection and authentic community partnerships in order to creatively respond to global and local challenges and opportunities.

Project goal: Inventory and map the individuals/organizations involved in VTLFF using a network mapping process. Identify the network’s strengths, opportunities for expansion, and areas in need of network weaving, and document network growth.

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Digital Learning

Lever goals: 

  • Establish a definition of our group based on sets of framing questions surrounding content, commuities, portability, credentialing (assessment), closing equity/access gaps, student-led curriculum, communication between multiple stakeholders in a student's life, peer-to-peer learning
  • Identify teachers/schools/organizations currently using digital technology well to enhance connected learning, peer-to-peer learning and engagement and as a way to extend learning outside of school and into non-traditional spaces
  • Hook up with VTLFF efforts to create a database of Enhanced Learning Opportunities (community organizations and businesses supporting connected learning) and tie-ins with Act 77
  • Establish ways to help schools/teachers assess work outside of school/transferrable skills 
  • Assemble latest research on effective ways digital technology is being used to foster learning
  • Assist the larger VTLFF in helping this become an active, collaborating, working network that helps each other help kids

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connected learning lever map 2.jpeg

Framing and Messaging

Lever goal: A critical mass of diverse, influential Vermonters will actively support an emergent, sustainable and just learning community equipped to create opportunities that solve local and global challenges.

Project goal: Survey, clarify, and synthesize the goals, strategies and drivers of key leverage groups within our network. Frame a draft common message within the local and global context.

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Framing & M lever map.jpeg